Past Events

All of our events and programs are designed to serve teens and adults, ages 12 and up. This special event with Kerri Lake was open to individuals with diverse abilities and backgrounds. No experience with horses or autism was necessary to learn something about ourselves and all the other wonderful beings around us.

With the wisdom from both human and non-human teachers, Kerri Lake guides us to recognize our forgotten capacity to experience connection and communication through energy and presence with animals and all of life.

Sharing awareness and technique from a lifetime dedicated to the love of self and others, Kerri’s work guides people to experience interspecies communication, which is to include themselves in the love that is common to all of life. 

Kerri works with people and animals 1-1, in group events and with private groups, both online and in-person. She has a growing library of online resources and courses, and has authored two books. Please connect through her website,