Our Mission

While interacting with wild horses, we learn about ourselves and how to better communicate with each other. AMA provides no-cost equine programs for individuals and families living on the autism spectrum.

Our mission is to empower individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities by facilitating activities with our herd of mustangs and other animals that build confidence, encourage relationships, and enliven the senses.

Our program includes private and small group equine lessons, work/study fellowships, special classroom and group field trips, and open farm days. In addition to our day program, this year we are expanding our program to include overnight summer camps at our ranch for individuals on the spectrum and with other IDDs. These opportunities not only foster independence and confidence in our students, but provide a much-needed respite for the families who care for loved ones with disabilities. We also have weekend camps for siblings and overnight retreats for parents, caregivers, and families.

Our program gives everyone involved the opportunity to be outside, be active, and make meaningful connections to humanity and all of nature.

The comfort and relief we feel when someone sees our actions without judging, when they listen without trying to fix anything – this is what we experience when we are in the presence of horses and other animals. They are masters of unconditional love, defined as an acceptance of another without the need for them to be any different from what they are.

With this program, we hope to build a community of friends and families living with autism. Together we can share the experience of all that is extraordinarily joyful and challenging about life on the autism spectrum.

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