Our Mission

Our wish is to make friends and to feel a connection with humans, animals, and all of nature. This journey with autism is best traveled with the understanding and compassion of others who are also on this path. The kinship experienced when meeting another being who sees your actions without judging you, who listens without trying to fix you….this is what we can learn from the horses and other animals. They are masters of unconditional love, which I define as an acceptance of another without the need for them to be anything other than who they are.

Who do I love unconditionally? It is easy to love my animals unconditionally, since they readily give this to me – but do I dare ask myself if there are humans in my life who I accept completely as they are, without any desire for them to be different? I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by animals who remind me of this daily. My animals don’t care what we do, or what I ask of them; they simply want to be with me, and for me to be present when I am with them.

With this program, we hope to build a small community of friends and families living with autism. Maybe together we can move towards being present within ourselves in order to experience all that is extraordinary about people on the autism spectrum. Being here and now means we are not worried about a future moment based on some past event. Perhaps we can drop our expectations about how life “should be”, stop labeling everything as “good” or “bad”, and simply experience what “is.”

Like horseman Buck Brannaman said, “It’s never gonna be anything other than what it is.”